Still Stressed

It has been a while. I have not felt able to write about anything.

Christmas was an interesting time. We had my Mum and her best friend round for Christmas lunch, it went really well and we had a great laugh. We had more of a laugh when we found out that the Bastard had asked his Whore to marry him. They actually got engaged on Christmas day. I thought you had to be divorced first! The picture put on facebook looked more like a funeral, apart from the stupid smirk on his face and he was wearing the hoodie that I bought for him from Download. Not the most sensitive person, that is if she knows. I would love to know which brand of crackers they had, the ring looked passable, just.

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Melt Down

There is so much I want to say about being controlled and abused for the past 25 years I do not actually know where to start.

The more I go over my `married` life the more I realise I was no more than a possession, a chattel some thing to lord it over.

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Toys and Pram

Here we are 2 months into the death of a `happy` marriage.

It has to be a male thing, he is in the wrong and is throwing his toys out of the pram.

Mick handed me a done deal, a neat little package with no chance of fighting for our marriage, relationship and life together. This was a long time in the planning and very cold in the execution.

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At The Start

`Will you be mine?`, oh how I wish I had known the heartache that one question would bring in years to come. It should have had a second half `For as long as I want you`

I said yes and that started an on/off relationship that finally lead to marriage. I was so happy and thought Mick was too. I had found my soul mate.

Years rolled by and we supported each other through major illness ( mine) and family deaths.

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